The S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Formula©


The S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Formula©

The S.U.C.C.E.S.S. formula was developed particularly for work with teenagers and young people, but of course applies to us all. This approach ensures a rounded development, so that all areas of life can be considered and understood. Working to this formula also ensures that no one area is sacrificed during the development process. It incorporates many of the principles of coaching, healing and well being, but in a way that makes it more applicable to the concerns of teenagers and young adults.

This is a detailed process, which is also accompanied by various tips and tools that can be used, but to give you an idea of what it entails here is a very short overview:

Society  You 

Clarity  Consciousness 

Experience  Skill  Soul

crowd-2457732_1280Society: What affects us from outside. The rules of the world game. To get on you have to understand how the game is played and why there are rules. Read more…


baby-3019122_1280You: Getting to know You, plain and simple. Do you know yourself? Through a guided process of exploration and questioning you will revisit your values, beliefs, dreams, ambitions, plans, abilities etc. Read more…

child-1440526_1280Clarity: Seeing with clear eyes. Matching you with your profile. Defining your goals. Setting your goals and being clear about what you can realistically achieve within set time frames. Read more…


fractal-1398275Consciousness: What happens when YOU and CLARITY are in the right place. Understanding the meaning of personal responsibility. Owning your own life. Letting blame at the door. Read more…


Inspirational motivating quoteExperience: Learning and Turning. How to learn from the experiences of others as well as from your own experiences. Read more…


skills-3267034_1280Skill: Your personal mix. How you communicate, your talents, education, interpersonal abilities and strengths. The parts of your life that you can develop and improve. Read more…


orange-631354_1920Soul: Everybody’s got a little Soul. Learning to hear the inner voice and learning to sing on the inside. Read more…

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