What I can offer you

If you want to throw a bit more light on any situation, then you’ve come to the right place! I offer a dynamic new approach to life and business situations in need of clarity and deeper understanding. In my clinic I use Healing Techniques to transform the physical and emotional body.

My approach works in the three main areas of body, mind and spirit.


Unlearn the faulty thinking styles that lead to stress, negative thinking and depression.

The Work of Byron Katie is a facilitated process of inquiry-based stress reduction that teaches you how to use your mind to help you achieve greater levels of clarity and personal happiness.  It only takes a few sessions to learn the process and then you can do it on your own!

Anyone with an open mind can do it…


I call my healing style a Fusion Method as I use a combination of the Domancic Method, Body Harmonics Energy Healing  and Sound Frequencies to clear blockages and balance your energy centres. It is a very gentle ‘hands-off’ technique that takes approximately 45 min to 1 hour.  Clients receive the healing treatment fully clothed and in an upright position, seated on a chair.  The sound treatment is carried out using Solfeggio Tuning Forks and a selection of healing frequency music.

This form of healing can also be applied as an absent or distance healing treatment.

Sound Healer Using a Tuning Fork


Are you following both your Life Purpose and your Soul Purpose?

Both purposes may have slightly different aims.  Understanding how your Life and Soul purposes interact and at times challenge each other can really help you see why certain issues may crop up for you time and time again.  The Life/Soul purpose consultation is a very effective way to resolve current life issues.

Intuitive Coaching explores these purposes and offers a life check-up and guidance on all aspects of your life/soul path.


Quantum Physics is showing us that the world is a lot more dynamic and transformative than we thought. The act of healing is believed to be frequency + intent. The role of the healer is not to ‘do’ anything to the client but rather to enter a meditative state of balance and then allow the person receiving the healing to mirror that balanced state. No one can claim to know exactly how this happens, but over twenty years of practice has shown me that somehow it takes place. The music and tuning forks used all contribute to the creation of that claming and relaxing frequency.

There is no limit to what human beings can achieve if we understand the laws of the known multiverse we inhabit. My approach understands these dynamics at an intuitive level and helps to create a flow for personal clarity, business clarity, healing, growth and expansion.

More about my approach….

What is BioEnergy Healing?

One thought on “What I can offer you

  1. yes I would like to join in the healing for me n mt 4 yr old black n grey tabby Taz for ur next healing session I appreciate the extra help

    Blessed Be
    Lisa Hazen

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