Domancic Method

Domancic Method

This is one of the methods of BioEnergy I use and as they have made quite a few videos I’m posting them here so that you can take a look and find out more about the wonderful world of bioenergy!

But first a little about Zdenko Domancic….

“Zdenko Domancic is the author of a therapy method with the use of Bioenergy. He started practicing over 35 years ago. Currently he treats and teaches at his clinic in Bled – Slovenia. The Domancic Clinic is the largest center of this type in Europe. Zdenko Domancic, together with his therapists receives each week 150-180 persons. The waiting list for therapy sessions is filled for the next 6 months ahead. Domancic takes part in HIV/AIDS research at Stanford University and collaborates with scientists of the Josef Stefan in Lubljana in Slovenia, with spectacular results. Seeking knowledge about the Bioenergy, Domancic has travelled world-wide. In the Former Soviet Union, he participated in scientific research of few Institutes, where the influence of Bioenergy upon the biological field of living organisms and their wellbeing has been tested. Mr. Zdenko Domancic is a Croatian healer, a native of the island of Ugljan off Zadar. Today Mr. Domancic practices and teaches a new generation of contemporary healers in his bioenergy clinic in Bled in Slovenia.”

To read more about Zdenko Domancic you can visit his site here.


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