#Lifehacks: What we owe to ourselves

Health info graphic, 20 way to happy

Points to ponder

The basics: You’re alive You’re breathing

Think about that…

There’s no need to look for miracles. The way that breathing works is a miracle in itself. How do you value a breath? How much do you think a dying person would pay to be able to guarantee one more hour of breath?

We don’t even have to think about breathing, it just happens we are being breathed!

Yet how carelessly we throw away our breath.

Breath = time

What does society tell us?

Well society tells us lots of things we know, but one message we do hear over and over again is that: ‘Time is money’.

Do you think that’s true? NO!!!!

Time is worth far, far more than money.

Time is a conversation with loved ones.

Your child’s first smile, steps, opinions, thoughts.

A sunset, a bird singing…

Time with a loved one, a parent, a friend… time with yourself.

How much would you pay for these things?

What else would you add to your own personal list of things to value?


 Ask yourself:

What does being alive actually mean to you?

If you were told that you had one year to live then what would you do in that time?

Do you find yourself saying things like: “If only I had time to…” or “When I have more time/retire/the children are older I’ll…” or “I wish that I had the guts to…”

If a genie could grant you one wish what would you ask for? (you can’t ask for eternal life or limitless cash!)

What have you learned about life so far?

Has your presence on the planet (thus far) made a difference?

Is the difference “good” or “bad”?

Answering these questions can really help to refocus your life goals, and regularly coming back to them as a way of checking in with yourself is a great tool for staying on the happy path…

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