Soul is a word that can mean different things to people.

I use it to mean that that part of us that sings and dances on the inside. It’s where we hold the blueprint of what we chose to experience on this journey on Earth. It holds our hopes and dreams. It speaks through the heart and is a happiness monitor of sorts. 

Real happiness is contentment, not a buzz or a high. Happiness is more like a calm ocean, a contented sigh, a peace within. Unlike the mind, whose nature is to be a thinking machine, creating new ideas and setting new goals all the time, the soul nature is just to feel fulfilled. It is a heart chakra centered communication and ultimately it is our true nature.

If we take the driver and the car analogy, where the car is the body and the manifestation of physical existence and reality, the driver is the soul, the higher self, the small still voice that hums its own internal song of contentment. Its that part that looks on wisely as we race around in circles, chasing wants and needs and then gives a nudge ever so often to whisper  – “Are you on track?” “Are you fulfilled? “Are you content?” “In this moment who are you being?”

I like to think of it as more like the song of ourselves. Our true frequency as spiritual beings trying to stay in tune with our soul purpose while playing in the multi-sensory, multi-experiential world of the physical.

We are social creatures and we love to connect with each other. For soul connection we must also connect with our own selves. Like the tree, with its roots firmly in the ground drawing nourishment from the earth and its leaves reaching to the sun, drawing life force from light, we too can only thrive on earth when we appreciate what physical life offers while remembering to draw in our spiritual nourishment, or soul food at the same time.

How to do this?

Anything that raises our vibration and creates space for some inner connection. Whether through meditation prayer, chant, dance, music, art, spending time in nature… there are many options.

And once we find one that suits then practice, practice, practice…as my own teacher always says, what we practice we get good at, so we can get really good at being our fullest selves.

Here’s what I feel is a great ‘soul’ song:

Kim O’Leary  kimoleary.com

Kim O’Leary – vocals-keyboards-synths-drum programming

Brett Garsed – lead + ambient guitar

Joe Creighton – bass

Geoff Bridgford – acoustic guitar

Written + produced by Kim O’Leary

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