Seminars & Training


We offer the following seminars.  Please contact us for further information.

Mindful Healing – Guided Meditation   8 weeks

The Fusion Method is a mind-body-spirit approach to healing and holistic well being.
In this series of classes Participants will learn:
–  tools to deal with stressful and negative thinking and any thoughts which block or prevent success.
–  how to open and close their energy centres
–  how to work with guidance
–  how to energetically protect themselves.

Throughout the classes participants will do guided chakra meditations and will be given techniques and exercises that, with practice, will help them to tune in to their inner selves, their bodies and their intuition.

Pre-class sign-up is mandatory and participants will be asked to complete a pre course worksheet to help them benefit fully from all these classes can offer.


Unblocking Your Creativity with J.M. Hurley

One Day Seminar or  Series of four two hour classes.

These are experiential sessions both for those who may feel stuck on their creative paths, and for those who just want to pursue new creative endeavors. As well as looking at some methods from the Artist’s Way and other tools for opening the creative flow, the classes will also include guided visualisations, emotion-flow writing and the development of a personalised vision board. The classes will involve a certain amount of interactivity and group work.


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