Oops haven’t posted for a long time…

that health site

I haven’t posted for ages as I had an interesting year.

Had a hysterectomy and a touch of cervical cancer but all is well now! While recovering from surgery and getting back to healing work I was approached by a few people I know to write and take part in a new health site – That Health Site.com

I was delighted to do this as while preparing for surgery I found that a lot of the information I really wanted either wasn’t there or was too scattered across the web to be able to take it all in.

As a result I’m writing about all my experiences there and writing about other health related issues.

The main ethos of That Health Site.com is to have a place where mainstream and complementary therapies meet.

As a bioenergy therapist who works in a doctor’s surgery I’m very aware that healing works best when working with the medical team rather than in opposition or as an alternative.

In my case for example, I was happy to use the best that medical treatment could offer while at the same time keep up personal healing, supplements etc to fight the lurgy on all fronts.

I also believe, but may be wrong, that the reason I was able to be treated with surgery alone was thanks in no small part to the amount of healing treatments I do as while healing you also get the benefit of some of it flowing through the healer.

My particular type of cancer was linked to a drug I was exposed to in the womb and I think I was very fortunate that it was discovered when it was as it had been there but undetected for quite a long time so things could have been a lot worse.

Many people assume that if you’re healing all the time, then you shouldn’t experience anything bad yourself, but I believe we all have our own lessons to face and I can honestly say that I probably needed this (what I call) “cancer awakening” and on many levels it was a very positive and life affirming experience.

So as I’m flat out writing over there, I apologise that I won’t be blogging here much but I’d love you to come and join me there!

And if you have anything you’d like to write about then use the contact forms on the site and send them to us…

Come and check out That Health Site.com!


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