Using Vision Boards – how and why..


So you’ve used some of the tools and audited your life, set your goals, worked on correcting any faulty thinking patterns and habits and developed a good daily gratitude and visualisation/meditation practice.

So now might be the time to bring your ‘Change Vision’ into the here by using a Vision Board.

 Why use a Vision Board?

When you feel that you are at a point where your sense of where you want to go is more defined, it’s a good idea to bring your creative side into the mix and put together a collage representing where you want to go/what you want to do.

Using pictures, photos, postcards, cut-outs from magazines, words, poems, songs, doodles etc put your collage together and keep it where you can see it. I like to use pins as sometimes when you actually see something physically visualised you realised that in fact it’s not what you want or may be less important than you thought so you might want to move position or remove it altogether.

Where thoughts go, energy flows; looking at your board every day and feeling good about what you see brings really clarity and focus to that particular timeline and by becoming clear about your vision, you free up energy, previously clogged by uncertainty or doubt, to make things happen.

How to use a Vision Board

Set clear terms with yourself, as in the vision board isn’t for life but for different life cycles.

For example you may have core life goals that are long term so place what represents those in a central position. Then you may have things you want to achieve in the next few months and say in the next five years.

It’s OK to change your mind. If you look at it and don’t feel a real connection with a particular part then that just means that that area needs some more inner focus to really feel your way towards what you are trying to create.

The more you add energy and the feeling of the wish fulfilled to your project, the more likely it is to happen. This is important. It is not about belief, trust, faith etc but about feeling. Let’s say you are working on moving to another country, then your board, your visualisations all centre on creating the feeling of what it feels like to actually be living in that country.

2. Add some music – pick a song for change!

Have you heard of the idea of having a personal song? As daft as it sounds it works. Try to pick a song that really captures the feeling the you felt when you got a sense of your future (examples of upbeat songs – ‘Happy’, ‘Ain’t no Mountain’, ‘Sweetest Feeling’ etc.) .

Whenever you feel any of the feelings that normally hold you back rushing in, start humming your song in your head or out loud – if you can!

The purpose of both of the above exercises is to bring both right brain and left brain activities into your change goals and to flood your mind with new patterns and drown out any old negative thoughts.

And likewise if there are particular smells or textures that help with this, then by all means add them in.


Pharrell Williams – Happy (Despicable Me 2


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