Life Audit: Plot your own life wheel

It’s good to check in on your life from time to time, to see how you are feeling, if you are happy with what you are doing and if you need to make any course corrections.

From the Tools area, I consider the tools below as a sort of set of life audit change tools:

 Rate your happiness levels from 1-5 on the wheel
[range 1 not at all happy to 5 totally satisfied]


Look at the shape of your life wheel.

Is it balanced?

What bits veer towards happiness and what bits veer towards unhappiness?

Think about your answers above and based on what you have said and on your life wheel try to write a description of yourself as if you were handed this information and didn’t know that it was about you.

Write about this reflectively. If you were to conduct a SWOT analysis for this person, what would you consider to be their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats?




What are you good at? What are your unique assets? What do you thing are your best  resources? What do you think other would say are your strengths?


What improvements do you need to make? What resources do you think you lack? What aspects of yourself do you think hold you back? What do you think other would say are your weaknesses?



List doors that are currently open to you, opportunities you could capitalize on, and how your strenghts can create new connections. What areas of development could you explore to align /manifest  personal success and happiness?



List any harmful hazards, habits, thinking styles, attitudes could open the door to threat or be a threat in itself to your personal success/happiness



What would you advise more of?

What would you advise less of?

Now also consider the temperament of the person (you!). Think about your own personality and how much it is or is not mirrored in the wheel. For example, if you are a very social and outgoing person but rate friendship low on the wheel then this is a sign that you need to connect more, either by reaching out to friends or if you have moved to a new area to find ways of meeting people to make new friends.

Finally consider what the areas mean to you as an individual. Fun for some is a wild party, for others it’s a book on the beach. Likewise, love and friendship might sometimes relate only to friends circles and not romantic relationships. Alternatively, you might want to add an extra line for friends or romantic relationships when both may be going in opposite directions.  And of course where there may be an area that is important to you then just add a line for that area.

The main thing is to give yourself enough perspective to be able to have a look at the life you have created to date and see what you might want to keep,  tweak or dump!


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