More about healing…

The methods I use are a mind-body-spirit approach to holistic well being. My aim is to give clients an understanding of the extraordinary world we live in, an insight into the exquisite feeling machine we call the body and a users guide on how to operate successfully in both environments.

The body and the human being combined becomes a vast interplay of matter and energy, thought and form, dream and nightmare. We can choose whether to have the dream or the nightmare and the various methods I use offer some tools to help in making that choice.

First we work at freeing the mind. It is vital to deal with stressful and negative thinking, faulty ‘learned’ behaviours and any thoughts which limit, block or prevent success.

Secondly we look at the body as a feeling machine and explore how energy moves in the body and how we continually ‘read’ our environments. Participants will learn how to open and close their energy channels and more importantly how to use their energy centres; how to work with guidance and how to energetically protect themselves.

Thirdly we look at translating the new learning to our lives and the importance of using our energetic abilities to give and receive. The healing method taught is a form of ‘hands-off’ energy healing that participants can use both on themselves and on others.

Throughout the process, clients will be given techniques and exercises that, with practice, will help them to tune in to and uncover their inner selves, their bodies and their intuition.

The methods used combine a variety of disciplines. I have been fortunate to train with the world class teachers, Zoran/Zdenko Domancic,  Byron Katie and Sonia Choquette and have been practicing the techniques of Self-Knowledge, as taught by Prem Rawat Maharaji, for fifteen years. In addition I had a corporate career in Public Relations and Marketing and am now a successful writer and Intuitive Mentor.   I am an avid student of Quantum Physics and Cleve Baxter’s Primary Perception findings and have combined all these approaches to put forward a world view that is consistent with current scientific theory as well as cutting edge healing techniques.

My aim is to bring the body back to a point of deep relaxation and from there it can reset itself and activate the natural immune function. The mind has to be dealt with also and I believe the Work of Byron Katie to be revolutionary in its approach. I trained with Katie and use her methods to get clients to a point where they eliminate faulty and negative thinking and, secondly, come to an understanding of right brain / left brain difference. From this point of balance, the potential to use all the current findings from physics and healing practices can be learned. The potential of the Human Being is beautiful and limitless and more than anything that is what my approach aims to uncover.

In it’s purest form I see this integrated approach as a process that helps a person to understand how to operate the body they inhabit!

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